About Me

Jean began her YOGA journey in 1989 and started her teaching career in 1994. The discovery and instant attraction to Yoga began her search for inner truth, resulting in a personal commitment to experience and to embody it in her life. During this quest, Jean explored and received certification in various healing modalities and focused on energy healing, including Reiki Mastery in the Usui and Ms-Rem systems of natural healing and three levels of Ka-Huna massage. Jean attended various other trainings in the field of healing and attended many personal growth workshops.Yoga progressed naturally, integrating these life changing experiences and she became adept at working one-on-one with clients, as well as leading life changing workshops. 

Also a prolific artist, Jean works freely through intuition. This intuitive creativity has lent itself into her free-flowing Yoga style and is a perfect complement to where it all began… Jean’s training in Iyengar Yoga gave her a solid foundation from which to work from and ignited her attention to detail. This balance of precision, spontaneity, intuition, personal growth and trust in herself has resulted in an overall wisdom which is the geneal essence, infused naturally in her teachings.