Yoga Classes in Hillcrest

For the past 20 years, Jean has been instructing Yoga classes in and around the Hillcrest area. She has since become a trusted and synonymous name in the art-form.

Her style of teaching is a unique blend of spontaneity, creativity and intuition with an individualistic love that shines through in her attention to each student. As such, this quality within her teaching is made evident by the presence of some of Jean’s longest-attending students, who have been with her since she began her teaching practice in Hillcrest and who continue to practice under her guidance.

The Yoga Experience

Through her own development and experience, Jean has established a uniquely free-flowing, intuitive Yoga style. Rooted in the precision and alignment-based practice of Iyengar (form of Hatha Yoga), a constant reminder of breath awareness is carried throughout the practice, while the use of props (blocks, wall-ropes, belts and sand-bags) enables students to safely develop strength, stability and mobility, regardless of previous experience.

Yoga classes are fun but focused, strong but gentle, spontaneous and ever-changing and always rooted in the precision of basic alignment. Each practice session concludes with a deep relaxation, guaranteed to leave you feeling calm yet energised… a balance true to the very essence of YOGA.